Beyond the Black Tie

What is a Theme? Why should my event have a Theme? What are some Good themes?

What is an “Event Theme?” An “Event Theme” is a style put together for an event. Often this means adding parts of this theme to your professional dress to give it a unique and memorable look.

Why Should event have a Theme? There are a couple great reasons to have a Event Theme. It’s fun. People enjoy dressing up. Especially if they have multiple suit and tie events every year. Making yours unique and working in a theme can make your event more memorable. People will remember what other people wore and talk about it. It will make people want to come back next year. People will take pictures, your event will go far beyond the night it happened.

What are some Good Themes? The best themes will always be connected to your non profit in some way. The best events take part of what the Non profit does and incorporates it into the night. For example my favorite use of theme in an event is the “Hard Hat & Black Tie Gala” Put on by Twin Cities Habitat for humanity. They encourage people to wear construction gear to their event. The branding is very clear, Habitat for Humanity, they build houses for people who need them, their event is professional yet fun with bits and pieces of construction from safety vests, to tape measure suspenders, to caution tape ties, to blaze orange suits. People can go to twenty events a year and never go to another one like that one and because the theme connects to what the non profit does they’ll always remember that it’s Habitat for Humanity.

Some other ideas for themes are “Decades” pick a decade, 80s? Wear a pink tux. 90s? Make it a jeans suit with jacket and pants. Anything to make your Event stand out. Raising money for a school? Make it School themed. Notepads make great pocket squares, be imaginative. Let your guests be imaginative. Beach theme? “Flip flops and Black Tie” let your guests bring the creativity. Let them set the mood. Black and white? The goal is to make your event fun, memorable, and to help build excitement for your event. If you want help planning your the theme that attendees will be talking about year round contact us today.

By Michael Imholte

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