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Cathedral High School

Last year around this time, I was contacted by Michael Imholte about the opportunity of having Black Diamond Benefits partner with us at our gala fundraising event for Cathedral High School. We had gone away from the live auction at the event because previous years had not been very successful and the actual auction itself was a bit “painful” as we listened to crickets and prayed for some “charity” bids. I was open to the idea and we signed on with Michael and his company.

The live auction FAR EXCEEDED our expectations and past year results!
— Laurie Keene

The advice and direction that we received prior to the event was very helpful. They suggested what types of items to have on a live auction and also advised us on the “right” number. For us, as a school, the experience type items were strongly encouraged. Also, Michael and Andrew, his brother and associate, we very instrumental in helping us to change our Fund A Need in a way that they felt we would have more success. I felt very comfortable taking the advise of these two experts in the field and we went with what they suggested.

Jumping ahead to our event, it went amazingly! The live auction FAR EXCEEDED our expectations and past year results! Also, the experience that people had while participating in the event was amazing! There was laughter and excitement
throughout the crowd, it was such a change from previous years.

The professional way that Michael conducted himself was so much appreciated and I have had so many compliments from attendees on what a fantastic job that he did. Our Fund A Need exceeded our goals and I am so thankful that we took the advise of changing up the process—I believe that is the main reason why we did exceed our goals.

We will work with Black Diamond and Michael again this coming year…I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. They truly care about the organizations they work with and that comes through at the event.

Thank you,
Laurie Keene
Director of Development
Cathedral High School